Communication Problems within Your Team

Communication is the key to career growth for all millennials. Having excellent communication skills is a major factor for winning, and there are several factors which contribute to the success of an organization.

Here are some issues that usually cause communication issues:

One of the major traits of good communication is attention to detail when in a conversation. Employees often get distracted during long sessions of meetings which may lead them to misinterpretation of the content discussed. It makes the objective unclear making it difficult to agree on a common goal. A good way to get around that is to draw attention to the crew and remind them of the importance of listening and focusing on what is being said.

With advancement in technology, in person meetings are replaced with video conferencing, telephone conferencing or using apps like Slack. Having frequent meetings and discussing issues with individuals (one on one basis) helps in better communication than addressing to all of the individuals as a group.

Some members of the team could have an attitude problem which could affect others in a team, especially if the member is over confident and highly knowledgable. The manager should concentrate on reminding the team of the initial goal and not become argumentative. The message should be delivered in a friendly tone, with enthusiasm and commitment as this will often get the team to agree.

Sometimes workers will not approach the supervisor or manager if they have a problem that they are stewing over. In this case, the best way is to speak to the team member on a personal basis when away from the rest of the team. It is important to stress that conversation is being held to resolve the problem.

When writing memos or emails to the team, make sure that it is simple and easily understood by everyone. Proof read your message to make sure it is concise and clear.

To conclude, communication between the employers and employees in any company is essential to ensure success. These are often topics spoken about at sourcing events such as JOBCON.


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