What Are Sourcing Events?

The Internet has exploded, social platforms have taken over, and human interaction seems to have reduced making it a necessity for employers and businesses to attend sourcing events to cater to direct applications. It is more apparent with smaller companies that rely on posting open jobs on different websites, newspapers and social networks. The time taken to fill up a position varies according to the job specifications and how many applicants have responded for a position.

Advantages of Sourcing Events


1. At sourcing platforms, such as JOBCON there is an opportunity to network with both professionals that are in the recruiting business and for people who are looking for jobs and companies who have jobs. To benefit the job seekers, organizers of such events usually invite corporate recruiters who are searching for talent. It is THE opportunity for the job seekers to meet the Human Resource team face to face. The most difficult part of applying online for certain positions is to get that first interview, but meeting the recruiting representatives can help you get an interview faster.

2. It is also a great platform for human resource management companies to learn what the latest trends are and how to source the most talented workers. There are lots of recruiting agencies and corporations and businesses use a variety of suppliers to make sure there is quality control in place.  Sourcing events are also an excellent platform for vendors/suppliers to gain more business via human interactions and also to obtain knowledge on the latest methods for sourcing the best talent. Given the rapid growth of technology and the use of artificial intelligence is changing the face of recruiting new employees.


3. It's an opportunity for recruiters to get together and share ideas of how to go about sourcing the best talent the job market has to offer. It is not only the job function that is high on the agenda discussed in these networking events, but also how employment agencies can get more involved with day-to-day functions of the human resource department.

Human resource management is getting more complicated due to the different ways of recruiting new employees using social network platforms, job seeking websites, references at organized events. Events, such as JOBCON are the perfect place to other professionals involved in the same industry, to collaborate and get educated about the latest trends. These types of platforms are responsible for giving back to the community almost and make recruiting as fun as a field trip.  It serves as the medium to meet some of the most talented people who are actively searching the job openings. In a broader context sourcing events help get more people hired in the US compared to offshore.


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A job sourcing event
In Dallas Fort Worth
Aug 19, 2017 9am-6pm
All job seekers welcome!