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Senior Program Services Specialist

  • ... Gilroy, Capellen, United States
  • ... Full time
  • ... Salary: 39.78 per hour
  • Posted on: Mar 12, 2024       Expires on: Apr 26, 2024

Senior Program Services Specialist   


Senior Program Services Specialist




Gilroy Capellen United States


Senior Program Services Specialist
Department: Career Education

(Position Number: CL0106)

Internal Posting Closing Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2024

  • Please note that internal applications that meet all eligibility requirements and are received by 5:00pm on
Tuesday, March 19, 2024 will be considered and reviewed.
If the position is filled by an internal candidate, the

external applications will not be considered.
All external candidates will be informed of any status updates.

Full-Time 12-month Position (1.
0 FTE)

40 hours per week plus benefits

Classified Salary Schedule, Track 17
(Currently: $32.
09 - $39.
78 per hour)

About Gavilan:
Located in the heart of California between San Jose and Monterey, Gavilan Colleges main campus in Gilroy
serves a diverse student population in a beautiful, park-like setting.
In addition, we have campus centers
located in Hollister, San Martin, and South San Jose, which offer students a variety of courses and programs.

Our community recently voted to pass Measure X, a bond to renovate the main campus and build a full-
service campus in Hollister.
Gavilan is proud to meet the needs of our growing community, offering high-
quality education in more than 70 transfer-related fields and over 30 industry-relevant career pathways.
2023, we awarded over 1,200 Associate Degrees/career education certificates.

Gavilan College, a Hispanic Serving Institution with a 60% Latinx student population, is committed to
achieving educational equity for all students.
We work to provide students with a rich and relevant learning
experience that emphasizes student engagement in and out of the classroom, encouraging students of all
ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds to realize their goals and become socially responsible leaders.
you join our team at Gavilan College, you will become part of an innovative and equity-focused community
that approaches higher education as a matter of social justice requiring broad collaboration among faculty,
staff, administration, students, and community partners.

Gavilan College fosters justice, equity, diversity and inclusion through its Principles of Community.
As a
member of the Gavilan College community, you will join us in valuing the worth and dignity of every person,
the pursuit of truth, devotion to excellence, and the principles of democratic citizenship.
All Gavilan
employees strive to maintain these ideals in an environment of inclusiveness and mutual respect.
We live
these shared Principles of Community and work collaboratively to serve as a model of an exemplary, student-
centered community-serving college.

Ideal Candidate:
Gavilan College is committed to recruiting individuals that embody our Principles of Community by:

  • actively demonstrating a commitment to embracing and celebrating diversity;
  • committing to collaboration, effective communication and the development of strong working
  • promoting purposeful inclusion of all groups and the free exchange of ideas in a respectful, trusting
and considerate environment; and
  • demonstrating commitment to a college which prioritizes equity in resource allocation.

The ideal candidate for this position is an equity-minded individual who understands the importance of holding
ourselves accountable for closing equity gaps and engaging in equitable practices.
Gavilan strives to attract
candidates who view the elimination of inequities as an individual and collective responsibility and who are
able to reframe inequities as a problem of practice.
The ideal candidate understands the mission and purpose of
the Career Education department and demonstrates a commitment to student-centered practices, effective cross
campus collaboration, purposeful service to the community and culturally responsive practices.

The ideal candidate will be accurate, detail-oriented, and responsible with strong organizational skills.
experience, budgeting and the ability to meet constantly changing priorities are important.
The ability to
demonstrate cultural competency and empathy are central to our campus community.

The Position:
Are you interested in creating an exceptional educational environment for students who are part of a dynamic,
inclusive community? If you see yourself as a professional who empowers students of diverse backgrounds to
reach their potential through innovative, structural change, we invite you to apply for the Substitute Senior
Program Services Specialist position.
At Gavilan College, we welcome your commitment to fostering a
learning environment where resources are devoted to developing opportunities for students to break barriers
and thrive as scholars and community members.

Under general direction, to provide advanced administrative, liaison and program support services for students
in specialized College programs; and to perform related duties as assigned.

Distinguishing Characteristics:
This classification independently performs difficult and complex administrative, technical and
office support work in coordinating multiple or higher-impact College student support services
programs, working with a program director, dean or vice president.
Responsibilities of this class
include student and program advocacy, outreach and recruitment, and administrative functions such
as budget projection, allocation and monitoring, maintaining and updating detailed records and
financial accounts, and preparing periodic and special reports including those to the Chancellor's
Assignments at this level require incumbents to exercise discretion and independent
judgment within general program and College guidelines.
Positions in this class may provide lead
direction to others.

Essential Duties: The following duties are typical of those performed by employees in this job title; however,
employees may perform other related duties, and not all duties listed are necessarily performed by each
employee in the job title.

  • Serves as liaison with, and represents the college's program to, external agencies on matters

related to program funding, inter-agency program cooperation, services to or needs of
specific clients/students, mandates, referrals, and other cooperation and coordination;

  • Serves as liaison and contact with college staff regarding student needs, assistance, status
and progress, special accommodations, program capabilities and limitations, and related
program matters;
  • Provides highly specialized support to management and faculty and/or their committees;
  • Reads and interprets program regulations, evaluates program operations, and drafts
objectives, policies, plans and procedures to ensure program compliance and success;
  • Drafts and monitors the budget for the assigned program area; maintains expenditure

records and prepares reports; works with the business office to resolve discrepancies;
performs special budget tracking related to funding requirements; prepares invoices;

  • C ollects, compiles, summarizes and analyzes program, student and client statistics; inputs to
computer and maintains data bases for data tracking, reporting, communication, and
  • Prepares a variety of informational and required reports on program statistics, services, and

  • Determines eligibility of students for program services and benefits
  • Prepares a variety of written materials including correspondence, reports, brochures,

recruitment, outreach and other materials, working in collaboration with college
departments and programs;

  • Recruits students for program services and college attendance through program benefits;
  • Provides program orientations for students, and explains policies, procedures and
requirements to students and others;
  • Monitors student/client status, needs and progress;
  • Confers with, advises and assists students on a variety of school, personal and program related issues,
decisions and processes and makes referrals;
  • Identifies appropriate resources and services within the college and community, and assists

students/clients by arranging appointments, assisting with applications, discussion with
referral agency or individual, and other coordination;

  • Makes presentations to various groups to promote recruitment, program utilization and
understanding of issues related to the program and the individuals it serves;
  • Arranges or prepares and conducts special training for students/clients, college staff, and
  • Arranges for instructors for specialized programs and service areas;
  • Coordinates special events related to the program such as conferences and workshops;
  • Identifies, obtains and maintains special resources for students/clients served and staff;
  • Attends, conducts and/or participates in a variety of committees and meetings;
  • Provides a variety of responsible office support for the program.

Minimum Qualifications Education and Experience: Any combination of training and experience
equivalent to:
  • Techniques of lead supervision.
  • Federal, state and other regulations pertaining to the program area.
  • Procedures and requirements for student program eligibility.
  • Program and service needs of students served by the program area.
  • Principles and practices of program planning, budgeting and monitoring.
    Computer use.
  • English grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Skills and Abilities:
  • Providing lead supervision to others.
  • Evaluating programs, identifying needs, and planning and implementing (a) complex program area(s) goals,
objectives, policies and procedures.

  • Planning and delivering effective oral presentations to groups.
  • Reading, interpreting and applying regulations, policies, and procedures related to the program.
and tracking program budgets.

  • Representing the program at a variety of internal and external committees and meetings.
    Establishing and
maintaining a variety of records, data and required reports.

  • Preparing effective written reports and correspondence.
    Planning and coordinating special events related to
the program.

  • Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of the work,

including working with students with special needs and requirements.

Other Requirements:
  • Must possess a valid California driver's license and have a satisfactory driving record; specified

p ositions within this class may require certification of bilingual skills.

Illustrative Education and Experience:

A typical way to obtain the above knowledge and skill is a combination of education and experience
equivalent to:

An Associate of Arts degree with major coursework in business or public administration, or an area which
would provide program-specific knowledge and skills, and three years of experience in program
administration, in an educational setting.

Physical Characteristics: The physical abilities involved in the performance of essential duties are:

Speech and hearing to communicate effectively in individual and group settings; manual dexterity to operate
keyboards and manipulate papers; vision to read text, forms and computer screens; mobility to travel to
committee meetings and conferences off campus.

The physical characteristics described here are representative of those that must be met by employees to
successfully perform the essential functions of this class.
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable
individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Application Process:
To be considered for this excellent opportunity the following items are required to be received by the CCC
Registry no later than 5:00pm on Tuesday, March 19, 2024 CCC Registry website: www.

CCC Registry online application (all sections are required to be completed, Education, Employment
History, Professional References, General Information, Diversity Statement).
Apply at
org *

Cover letter detailing qualifications and experience*
Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae or Resume*

  • Denotes application materials that are required for full consideration.

As an equal opportunity employer, we are required to compile summary data on applicants.
We are requesting
your assistance in providing the information on the personal and ethnicity section of your CCC Registry
The completion of the questionnaire is voluntary.
The form will remain in the Human Resources
department and will be kept confidential and separate from all hiring documents.
It will not be forwarded to
those making employment decisions.

If you have questions related to the CCC Registry or technical aspects regarding submitting application
materials on the CCC Registry website, please contact the CCC Registry directly at registry@yosemite.
edu or
call (800)245-4157.

Please make sure to contact the CCC Registry at (800)245-4157 AFTER you have applied for this job to
verbally confirm that your application materials were submitted correctly and that your application is included
in this recruitment.

If you have a verifiable disability and require accommodation to complete the application process, please
contact the Human Resources Office at (408) 852-2823.

Please be aware, the District does not reimburse for expenses related to the recruitment process.


G avilan J oint Community College District is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to nondiscrimination on the
basis of ethnic group identification, race, color, language,


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