Are Job Fairs Useful?

Some may consider attending job fairs may be an old school method to find oppurtunities. However some think it may be a great way to start networking and making contacts that could become useful if you are searching for jobs at a later stage. Therefore, there are some good reasons for attending such fairs if you are currently unemployed.

Get to the job fair with a definite plan in mind e.g. which companies you would like to visit, and be prepared to explore the other exhibitors that you have not thought of. Go with enough CVs since they may be needed and show enthusiasm when you will meet different representatives.

Do some research on the companies that you have decided to visit so that when you will meet the representatives, you will be able to ask the correct questions and find out what the company is all about that you may not find online.

Just like attending interviews, first impressions will count when you will visit the fair. So go to the fair well dressed and expect some difficult questions about yourself from the representatives. When you will introduce yourself, include a statement that will describe your background and why you are looking for employment with that particular company.

Remember that employers interview hundreds of candidates every year; therefore, when you will go to a job fair, make sure to impress them well. Tell them what you have achieved so far and explain your unique skills before leaving. Just dropping off your CV and then walking away will not be enough.

To conclude, job fairs should be used as a personal introduction to the company rather than doing so online. If you have made the right impression at a job fair, it could get you more benefits than just simply applying online. It is also important to send a thank you e-mail the day after because this will not only make a good impression but will also remind the representative of who you are.


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