Just Lost Your Job - Now What?

Losing a job is very stressful since having a job gives one some form of stability and purpose in life. In this situation, instead of brooding on what has just happened, it may help to be positive and be confident in your abilities. Be persistent and visit job portal websites to keep on searching for a new job.

How to hunt for a Job?

Post your resume on some many job portal websites, such as Ziprecruiter.com, Juju.com, Nexxt.com,Postjobfree.com, Snaprecruit.com There are many sites out there if you can research. Most recently Google Jobs is here which serves as a very productive aggregator for other job boards.

Most big corporations have employment opportunities on their official websites. You may register and upload your resume to all these sources.

Work with staffing agencies or independent recruiters to look for any opportunities.

Do some research on the companies that you think will be benefitted by your skills and send them your CV.

Post your profile on Linkedin and do networking with the top professionals in your specialized field.

If you are more comfortable marketing your resume online, then register and upload your CV to as many sites as you can find also use mass mailing as a tactic to reach out to recruiters you worked in the past. Attend local job fairs and sourcing events which are organized by companies or third party organizations, as this is a good way to meet the employers and contact them directly. It could go a long way to securing your next job, but keep in mind job fairs should be used as a networking platform 

The first thing to do is to control your spending habits. Redo your budget of your monthly expenditure and more importantly, tidy up your social media profiles. Make sure your social profiles are clean and professional as you don't want a prospective job to slip your hands just because you had a wild night with your friends. Always use your time and put good use to it.

Get a part time gig if possible to make some money and also to put less strain on your savings. Learn some extra skills to compliment the skills you already possess and work on getting any relevant certifications for your job title.

Finally, seeking the right job can be hard and time-consuming; but be patient and keep yourself healthy and fit. If you are suffering from a lot of anxiety then learning how to do yoga or meditation can be very helpful.

Lastly, visit as many job sites as possible and sign up for alerts as they send you tailored jobs that fit your profile.


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