Are Your Interactions Being Tracked By Your HR Department?

Its very common that companies invest into building or purchasing software to track and monitor what the employees are doing during the working hours. Though it is an invasion of one's privacy, companies have the very right to control the browsing content on the office devices.

Some companies ask their employees to give permission to track their activities when issuing an offer letter. Any business is allowed to do this because one, the laptop or any softwares provided is company property and two, employers have the right to make sure the resources are put to proper use.

Employees may use their social media more often than they should. It is common for employees to browse Facebook. But as an employee, you should be careful; especially if the company has a policy that allows them to use these as triggers for lower perfomance reviews.
It may also be a company's way of knowing what the employees are communicating on the social media, and if they find out that the employees' comments are inappropriate, it could also lead to termination. Make sure when you join a new company that you are aware of their social media policy.

Surveillance Cameras
CCTV's are one of the oldest ways that businesses have been using to see the behavior of their employees. With the latest technologies, many companies are now using analytical software to see how they can improve the behavior of employees for better productivity.

Some companies may issue smartphones to certain personnel. Companies invest in keylogger programs and GPS tracking systems to establish how the telephones are being used and even when the employees are away from work. If you have been issued with a company phone, it is wise to find out what they are legally allowed to track.

Some companies may monitor the computer usage of their employees to see if they are using these for the right purposes. Doing personal work on an office computer is often not allowed. Sending personal e-mails at work from your office computer is not wise.

Finally, there are good chances that you are being tracked since the companies have the right to do this. The only aspect you need to consider is what the regulations are when signing the terms of service agreement and make sure that you stay within those.



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