Predictive Analysis - Is It Possible In HR?

Predictive Analysis is a favorite topic dedicated to Human Resources (HR). Even though people may talk persistently about Predictive Analysis, many business organizations are not inclined to apply them to their workforce. This article covers the meaning of HR Analytics and how this analytics can become a real game changer for many HR Departments.

How does the Predictive analysis work?

Do you know what one can do with the info about your public profiles, your activity on your social profiles? These profiles all combine big data and predictive analytics to predict the near future.

It is a technology which gets its information from the existing data and redistributes it to forecast individual behavior. For instance, the Trump political campaign team used predictive analytics to predict the potential success of the words used President Trump's campaign speeches which might get a positive response from the audience. Another example is your credit card score which uses historical data from your past to predict whether or not you can pay back the loan that you wish to cash-out for your new car.

Anyway, predictive analytics involves a set of various statistical (data-mining) techniques, used to predict uncertain outcomes, typically poverty.

However, this data may seem rather insignificant compared to a significant amount of HR data available at your company/business. It is, however, a good example for your better understanding.

Some ways HR can track their employees

- Will you be with the organization for a long time?

- Based on the searches you do on the internet, they can predict your intellect and maturity in your thought process.

- They will be able to understand if you are threat

- Many more example but these are some examples how a company can track their employees


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