The Next Era In Recruitment

The next Era in the Recruiting industry – Changes to Expect

What is the recruitment industry going to look like in the next five years? Some jobs will go into extinction a few years from now. Our future has been built on information technology, and the ever-increasing knowledge of what IT can achieve will open wider markets in the future. For those looking to stay relevant in their respective fields, it's important to find out how the world would see your profession soon. Will your profession still be in demand or will there be a shift in paradigm, opening the doors for other skill-sets?

Robotics and automation of most occupations

Robotic engineering has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. Many would stand the risk of losing their jobs to machines, and watch from the sidelines as their jobs are performed with greater accuracy and efficiency. Manual labor will become a part of history and stagnancy could make you obsolete. Automation of any kind makes the job easy and cheap. Companies would choose to curb or limit their recruiting expenses and hire fewer and progressive people for management positions. Thereby, forcing everyone to learn jobs that require some expertise.

Web-based content will be crushed by mobile access

It is known that mobile Internet access has significantly superseded web-based access. Currently, recruiters are trying to make their sites more mobile friendly, because in the future most applicants will be applying for jobs through cell phones. Text messages have also replaced the conventional email messages for most recruiters who are inviting applicants. In the next five years, more candidates will opt to make themselves virtual and online.

Interviews online

Yes, some companies are already interviewing most of the applicants online. This trend will dominate the industry in future. There will be more online recruitments, and people may not have to travel far to get interviewed. Companies will grant online interviews and employ candidates online since it’s cheaper and more convenient. But face-to-face interviews would still be relevant by 2022 because human resource managers understand that they will know their prospective employees better when they talk to them personally.

Recruiting in the next five years is expected to change a lot. People may have no need to submit proposals, apply for jobs, or submit their CVs. Employment agencies and online portals they are registered with will do that for them. Video conferencing technology will enable recruiters to conduct panel interviews and select the most appropriate candidate. The world is embracing an automation lifestyle, and the recruitment industry will not be left out in this wind of change.



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